January 07, 2004


christmas wrap-up

i'm trying to get some sort of doccumentation of all the projects i've completed, which somehow makes me feel better about the massive amount of things in PROGRESS at the moment...

phase one is complete, i just put finishing touches on my hats page (more to come later as pictures come in, i assure you). link: HATS if you're so inclined to take a peek.

now just a few of the things i'm most proud of...

BIG COLORFUL PICTURES are a good way to keep the attention of your audience. if i had one, i'd do that ;)

i'm such a dork, i even use math in my KNITTING! this here's my fibonacci bag, and if you need that explained... well, you'd darn well better be under 13.
(tahki aran tweed)

lucy was BORN to model stuff like this. she kept the scarf on like ALL afternoon. was a bit soggy under the chin... but hey, that's why i used acrylic!
(velvetouch, the softest ever)

now, i know, they're in hats. and they're on the hat PAGE too, but that's lucy's mom and older sister, and i felt it was only fair that they get equal journal-time. just incase one of them runs for election some day.

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