February 21, 2005



i nicked this from elisa, even though i wasnt tagged! i'm a rebel :) see, i... NEVER get tagged for these things, cause i'm aparently not really a 'known' blogger (my own fault, of course) so i'll just tag myself for now! so here's my knitting quiz... thing.

Do you knit using the English or Continental Method?

quite honestly, i dont know which is which! i knit like... a knitter who crocheted first. i hold the yarn in my left hand, hooked over my index finger... continental?

How long ago did you learn to knit?

again, i'm a 'twice-taught' person. my grandma taught me YEARS ago, but i wasnt really into it then, and i think i probably knit two rows on the super-fine baby yarn she had for me to work with... and lost interest. for 'real' i learned about a year and a half ago, september of '03.

Who taught you how?

a webpage that, i found out recently, was using pirated images from a readers digest book. so, no linkage for the page, naughty people!!

What was your first FO?

a hat, if i'm correct. made of wool-ease or jiffy or... something lion brand.

Favorite yarn?

anything Noro. i know some people have problems with them, but... despite our ups and downs, noro and i have a pretty strong love affair going on. our relationship is DEEP! oh, and tahki soho tweed, and donegal tweed. i love those two...

Favorite pattern you’ve knit so far?

still no favorite yet... i'm relatively new and still searching for my 'niche'. if forced to choose one, though, i'd have to tap Revealed from rowan (i forget what number) as it was my first completed sweater, and therefor i love it!

Favorite pattern source?

probably a toss-up between knitty and rowan. i like the elegance and romance of rowan, and the fun and practicality (and the sizing!) of knitty.

Favorite needles?

addi wooden circs all the way. i have over $200 worth of them! (i just figured that out recently. it was a bit of a... shall we say, shock.)

Nicest thing you’ve ever knit?

in terms of COST, the reveal sweater. i made it out of debbie bliss cashmerino superchunky. and it's a BIG sweater. (as much as i love it, it's just not practical. it's going to get ripped, re-designed, re-knit, THEN worn constantly as a sweater that actually fits me.)

Most hated project?

the skirt from vogue knitting (the one with darel hannah on the cover i think?). i've started and stopped that bloody thing SO many times. i just want it to be finished... but i cant bear the thought of sitting down and attempting to decipher where in the pattern i left off...

February 20, 2005


the ICK.

there's something wrong with me, but... according to all my doctors, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me (other than being an un-healthy lazy person. hah) so i'm christening it the Ick. (non FDA-approved. or, whatever.)

symptoms of the Ick:
my apetite is SHIT. nothing seems appealing. putting cheese on pasta is a crazy day.
i skip meals like nothing, cause i'm just not hungry. then i feel like shit.
i finally eat something... and i feel worse (for a little while anyway).
constant headache.
come-and-go dizzy spells.
weakness... feeling like i cant trust my legs to carry me.
neck muscle spasms (ohhh how i hate my neck).
sleep disturbances. my sleep schedule always sucked, but it's WORSE now. oy.

i feel so bad, because i'm sort of subjecting the boy to me at my worst... i'll get all energetic, and drive out to see him, and hang out at open mic... then crash. and when i crash, i get whiny, and clingy, and needy... all the TOTALY attractive things that would make him want to stay with me, right? but... i must say, the boy's passing with flying colors. he is so insanely good at taking care of me, and making me feel like a million bucks even when i LOOK like the quarter you find on the side of the road. so... i'm sicker than ever, but i'm also more in love than ever. i suppose if i MUST take the bad with the good, i'm fine with that.

so what the hell does all this have to do with my knitting blog? i want your pitty! haha. ok i'm SO lying. a prayer here and there would be much appreciated (if you're into that sort of thing), but pitty you can leave at the door! basically, i'm just trying to come up with some lame reason to justify to myself how much i SUCK at knitting lately. and blogging!

i mean, seriously, the road to becoming a popular blogger is NOT through sparse posts and pitty party-ing. but uh, i can try right? hahaha.

my knitting is... blah. i think it's been infected with the Ick, too. i'm working on banff, which... while i know i'll love WEARING it, the miles of stockinette are killing me. i'm also working on the hourglass sweater... oh whats that? stockinette. a big ol' softee scarf? stockinette. WITH a garter stitch border!! oh, and the softee wrap, as inspired by jenn of Nipper Knits. (i'll put in links later, i'm lazy).


February 11, 2005


inspiration strikes!

i've been dealing with the winter duldrums, i've got several projects going on but NONE of them are interesting to me. yeah, i keep working on them, but eh. i worked 4 or 5 rows on each of my traveling projects while hanging out at my boyfriend's practice today... not one of them could keep my attention for more than 10 minutes.

traveling with me:
Softy Wrap
silk garden sweater (my design)
silk garden gloves (a comission)
kureyon hat
cascade 220 hat
plymouth encore hat


while reading bloglines earlier, though, inspiration struck me! check out lisa's hourglass sweater! so, as soon as i finish this post i'll be casting on for my own with cashmerino. what, you say? a boring St st sweater has SOLVED your enui? how odd! how odd indeed :) basically, what i want is something i can work on while out with the boy, hanging out at the coffee shop, or other such outings... without having to consult a chart or count stitches. i want something i can realistically finish in a reasonable amount of time. I WANT SATISFACTION. I WANT A FINISHED OBJECT. so, hourglass it is :)

ps-check out Cate's post about being published... her article is great! nothing to do with knitting, but it's fabulous none the less.

February 08, 2005


oh me oh my

this whole broken finger thing has REALLY set me back. remind me never to do that again, kay? thanks.

you know, i read lovely wonderful entries from bloggers like the boogie, colette, jenn, greta, rachael, cate, and rabbitch (just to name a few, dont feel bad if you're excluded, i'm tired!) and i wonder why i cant be as cool and interesting as them... i dont care if YOU girls think your lives are boring, your writing styles make me WANT to read about your mundane and knitting lives alike. so why cant i be one of them?

that's my new goal in life, when people think about INTERESTING bloggers, i want to be one of them :) when you say things like the boogie, or Harlot, people KNOW who you're talking about. cause they read those blogs too! c'mon, you know you all do.

so what's a gal got to do to get on that list? i'm open to suggestions :)

ok enough of that, back to the broken finger. for the past week... ish, i've only been able to knit the most rediculously simple of items. things involving large needles, and straight knitting or purling. actually, i couldnt even PURL for most of that. so i've been doing silly things like rolled brim hats and boring scarves. but i managed to FINISH (yes finish. pics? is that an iceberg in hell? not yet! hah) clapotis two days ago. and i was able to pick up and work on a small-gague glove on DPN's today without it hurting like hell. so i think i may be JUST about ready to jump back into the swing of things. by swing i mean all of the more hand-and-brain-consuming things like the following list.

now that my finger's feeling better i must get off my butt and:
1. make flowers for my flower buddy! i mean, i'm organizing the exchange, so it would be pretty terrible if i slacked on that one.
2. pick a pattern and get in gear for the sockapalooza! that's one i'm really excited about, and to get you must also give so i MUST GIVE.
3. pick and start on a secret project for my secret pal. i've decided that knitters make the best recipients of knit gifts, and my pal i'm sure is no exception! so she's going to get something special :)
4. spoil my secret pal in other sundry ways as well. i'm going to be one hell of a secret pal, i've decided. i dont have a lot of $, but there are DEFINATLY ways to spoil someone without busting the bank.

so that's not TOO much, right? i'm a naturally deadline-rebelious person, i learned that in school. but i think for the sake of the other knitters involved in the above endeavors, i owe it to them and myself to make this all happen.

so what am i still doing typing!? ack! i'm outa here :)

February 03, 2005


the clapper is a discerning lady

so i'm 25 rows away from being DONE with my second clapotis, and i'm already thinking about what i want to make the next one with...

i made my first one narrow and relatively short, as a scarf for my mom. i used some ebay cotton chenille, which was just right for the mama. i wanted something a bit more variegated and lightweight for my own, so i made a second with plymouth Encore. (i'll look up color later when i make an official FO post.) mine is one repeat shy of the 'intended' width, and a little longer. i basically worked until i had just enough left to finish, which was 2 1/2 balls (i used half a ball at christmas time to make a hat).

i still dont feel like i've made 'THE' one yet, though. i'm on a quest for the perfect, moderate-to-affordable yarn to make the perfect clapotis. requirements include a rich green or purple colorway, variegation or self striping a la noro, EITHER laceweight yarn or a lightweight heavier yarn as i want mine to be quite large but not suffocating, soft to the touch as this will be on my neck... and, um, that's about it!

anyone who's reading this, have you made clapotis? what did YOU use, and what did you think of it? my LYS is relatively limited, and i dont mind shopping online but i refuse to do it blind. i'd much rather shop based on reccomendations :)

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