January 29, 2004


i'm back in the saddle again (in a steven tyler screech, that is)

its been a while since i've updated... i had all these lofty goals of keeping up this well-narrated knitting journal... but hey, i s'pose i could do worse. i havent COMPLETELY abandoned it yet, and i'm already making my what, second, third post? yeah, i rule.

this will be a VERY photo-intensive post, as i've worked on/am currently working on a lot of things lately. now that i'm back in school, i now have the "benefit" of my long train rides every day to and from the city. so i've knit a lot, and gotten REALLY good at tetris!

so, many many pictures to come. but first! a story:
on the train tuesday morning, a rather large black man got on at the second stop, and sat down directly opposite me. he then proceeded to look at me more than necessary, and finally said "excuse me, miss?"

at this point i'm thinking, aww geez i just want to ride the train in peace.

"are you knitting? thats real nice."
this is where my shock kicks in...

"yea i used to knit a bunch. my dawgs thought i was CRAZY, but shit i was warm, man."
and... my jaw's now on the floor. and i'm trying SO hard not to laugh because he's being really genuine.

"so is that a feather and fan? yea i dig that."
WOAH! so it's most certainly not a line at this point, he actually knows what he's talking about... so we had a lovely chat until he got off 3 stops later, and i got my nice restful train ride after that :)

now, pictures!!

i recently reorganized my stash using a whole bunch of bags, and thumb tacks. yay!!

the baskets are yarn by category: wools, sock yarns, and novelty (ribbons, etc). the metal basket top left is cotton. the colorful bag right next to the shelf is velvet touch and other such feely yarns. the kiss my face bag, all tahki aran and soho tweeds. green mesh bag holds the green mountain spinnery yarn that will be turned into Rogue. and frankly i have no idea whats in the mothers at home bag...

missing from the wall is another canvas bag with 10 sk. noro silk garden in it.

anything that didnt fit neatly into a category, or hasnt found a bag yet. sitting on top is an old lace tablecloth that i'm repairing.

the yarn that will be turned into an elvish (lotr) inspired felted bag. patern and pics to follow as i get started on it. brown sheep nature spun.

the feather and fan item in question on the train. almost all of one skein of mountain colors hand painted. i'll do a second, and if that's long enough for a wrap... leave it at that. this is sort of a "hey i wonder if that'll work..." patern.

closeup of the feather and fan patern. taken from an old patern card my grandmother had folded into the lace table cloth.

fiber trends felted mary jane/ballet slippers, one finished, one halfway there.

toe-up sock (my own patern, or lack of) using regia and socka sock yarns. my second socks ever! (please somebody teach me how to do two at once... ::sigh::)

update on the neverending skirt... its getting there. i guess.

my very very first try at two color knitting. the design on the back of the hand will be a mallorn leaf (or malorn? i cant spell...) surrounded by salt and pepper green and purple woolease sportweight stitches. that was worded horribly, but its late and i dont feel like fixing it. the second picture is just me playing around with paint shop pro :)

thats all for now! tomorrow, if i remember, i'll update with the chart for the mallorn leaf, and possibly the patern for the elvish bag if i get to making it up durring class... heh.

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