February 24, 2004


dug a hole...

i am TOTALY in a slump.

i ran out of yarn for Rogue. it's green mountain stuff that i got discounted last fall, and i SHOULD have had enough, but i've gotten much better at knitting since last fall... i wasnt so observant, and bought half worsted weight, and half DK (that's why it was half off, that stuff got spun too thin). so.. ::GRRRR::

i have a bunch of cashmerino and silky wool and brown sheep naturespun around, so i figured, i'll just start another sweater. i recently got a whole lot of books, including starmore and lavold, so i have an ABUNDANCE of patterns to choose from... and nothing seems right. i feel like a little kid throwing a tantrum... "but i WANNA finish ROGUE!" i dont know... i dont want to start something that i'll be half-assed about, but i need to do SOMETHING.

any suggestions? what will get me out of this DITCH? (short of buying more yarn, cause i have NO $.)

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