February 21, 2004


my hands smell like sheep

... which, is to be expected when one has spent 5 hours in one day working on a project with semi-greasy wool. oh how i love the smell and feel of my green mountain spinnery yarn that i've chosen for rogue.

i've been having... FUN. i forgot to post progress of rogue when i first took pics midweek, so i'll just start with its current state. this week has been a blessing... at least for this project. i got sick, and took two days off of commuting into disease-ridden manhattan. i spent those two days in bed, watching movies, working on rogue. and BOY did that give me a running start.

two weeks ago, i cast on and started the twisted-knit hem facing. nope, just couldnt do it. my hands and the yarn couldnt compromise. then, i saw claudia's hem... and decided that was the one for me. so i frogged... and started over, this time knitting 4 rows, then picking up cast-on stitches and knitting them together with live stitches on the 5th row. this has given me a nice little hem that i'm quite proud of.

the large flap covering the middle is the pocket on its holder

the contrast isnt the best, this yarn just does NOT want to show off my lovely knots in any picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

i'm also motoring along on knitty's top secret, this is my "big ol' needles" easy project.

also, if you'll notice, i finally figured out how to mess with my links on the right side-bar some. next step is to learn how to add buttons and picture-links. do i even have comments on this blog? man, i really have no clue what i'm doing here, do i... hehe.

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