February 24, 2004


the unthinkable

well, i've just done the unthinkable. i've run out of my Rogue yarn.

early last fall up in Putney, i bought a whole lot of green mountain yarn that was on sale. however, at the time i was a poor ignorant girl, and didnt pay enough attention to my yarns. i had 3 of the weight/color i'm using for rogue, and 3 of the same color DIFFERENT WEIGHT. and two of a totaly different color...

this wouldnt be so tragic if it werent for two things:
a. i'm ONE ROW AWAY from attaching the pocket
b. the yarns were on sale, and i dont know if i can find a match, i may have to frog this and give up for now.

as a sort of "consolation prize", i'm starting a second rogue tonight, with some brown sheep naturespun in a nice rusty-brown color. ::sigh::

in other news, a lovely trip to my LYS has alleviated some of my previously stated yarn blahs. after some discussion, i'm going to do a fresh batch of hats. gives me a chance to try out some fun designs and techniques, but in a small and quick project. sounds like just the right thing to get me jumpstarted! i picked up a few fun yarns, and i'm going to pop in a movie now and dig in...

i'm selling select items on evilgreenfaerie. so far, one hat and one scarf. but if all goes as planned, there will be much more soon. and hopefully people will BUY BUY BUY!

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