March 26, 2004


Adam Socks

a little more info on the Adam socks if anyone's interested...

the name is a sort of double entendre, one which i'm very amused by (though, if you know me at all, you know that's an easy task). i had initially decided to call them the Adam socks because these were the first socks i ever made, and were of my own design. i never liked the idea of cuff-down socks, toe-up just made so much more sense to me. i also liked how they looked better, and toe ridges are the bane of my existance on commercial socks so there was the added appeal of being able to totaly do away with that. so, i did a lot of research, looking up all sorts of patterns and techniques. i read up on the magic loop concept, as i also despise DPN's. i'll use them... but they SUCK for commuting. my projects tend to get thrown into my backpack, and the magic loop holds up much better to that abuse.

so, the Adam socks were born. toe-up, simplest toe i could find, an easy twisted design across the top of the foot, hour-glass heel, and short cuff. i made myself one pair and fell in love. however, i also fell in love with Rogue, too, so one pair was IT.

in the meantime, i seem to have gotten myself involved with a magnificent boy named, of all things, Adam. when i realized that Rogue was, in fact, too big to be a backpack project any more... i asked if he would like anything. i flinched for a moment when i thought he was going to ask for a sweater (ok i admit it, i'm superstitious!!) but then he said "socks... socks would be nice!"

what better use for a sock named Adam, to be given to... Adam :)

i'm thinking about publishing this pattern if all goes as well with this second pair as it did with the first... would anyone else be interested?

oh, and i wanted to say, i'm very flattered about the interest my cable noro silk garden hat is generating. thank you all so much for your kind words! after a few more go-rounds with the pattern, and perhaps finding someone else to test it out, i may just indeed listen to the suggestions and put it up for sale. the readers of this blog will be the first ones to know, i promise!

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