March 08, 2004


promises, promises...

alright, so i didnt quite stick with the initial promise of regulating my posting, but i have an excuse! an 8 page paper that i left till the last minute! (i didnt say it was a good one.)

as i finally have a FULL version of paint shop pro, not just the 30-days-lasts-5-months free trial that i previously had, i've been playing with all my pictures lately. as you may notice, all of the photos in previous entries here are broken... those will all be mended within the next few days. either the pictures will be replaced with smaller blog-friendly photos (with possible links to larger ones if detail is not readily aparent) or they will be deleted. dont worry, i'll only delete things like pics of yarn stashes and silly things like that.

now, with the whole being-sick thing a few weeks ago, and the fact that i would do ANYTHING to avoid my paper, i've done quite well with my knitting lately... so on with the show, i suppose :)

item 1: this came about as the result of a friendly challenge. i dare anyone who reads this to knit some sort of fruit or vegetable and email me the picture! brokedown_tiger at

i'm also still working on a request for a friend, a nice jennie-style hat which wont crush her gorgeous hair, and will fit over the gigantic clips necessary to secure it. this was one go at that, but... still to small for her. i still think its beautiful, though, and will probably be going up for sale soon. noro silk garden.

now into the meat and potatoes. I'm still plugging away on Rogue, and loving every minute of it, but i decided that i needed something a bit more challenging to alternate between. hence, the St Brigid project was born.

it's out of alice starmore's aran book... which i have out from the library, and i'm SERIOUSLY debating whether or not to return it... i feel like such a bad person! heh. anyway, i'm absolutely in love with this patern. the ordinary braid separates the more complicated panels, which are singles on the side, then doubled into a mirror image for the center panel. that makes it relatively easy to get into a groove while working, but still enough of a challenge that it's interesting to switch to after a few long hours/minutes with rogue. my progress so far:

and just because i ought to, i'll update pics on rogue, too. it's hard to tell from pictures, but there's been a LOT of progress. i'm past the repeats and already on the 3rd or 4th row of the upper half of chart A. my proudest moment was attaching the pocket... i'm REALLY enjoying how this is coming out.

one last thing, for anyone who doesnt read my LJ (feroluce) there's a contest going on right now! i'm looking for help renaming this blog. tailspun just doesnt cut it i think... with so many of the other blogs you can look at the name, or the button, and already know at least SOMETHING about them... i think i need to work more on that. but anyway! for more information, complete rules and order form, please see my livejournal.

what i lack in quantity i make up for in quality :) hopefully i'll keep up with the posts now...

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