March 25, 2004


secret pal... and progress, finally

i got my first gift from my secret pal! (update, my first sending to MINE is being mailed tomorrow AM.)

it was absolutely magical to come home after a LONG day (class from 1:15 to 10pm. ouch) to find a box on my desk :) inside i found a lovely card, reading alice, just some things to help you with two socks at the same time. and... funny thing, i had JUST cast on for said socks this morning!! (pics further down.)

the inside of the box was even better:

that's one BEAUTIFUL tote bag, a magic loop pamphlet, two balls of elann sock yarn, a 40" #1 addi turbo, and inside the bag was... "queen kahuna's crazy toes and heels socks book". i cant even BEGIN to explain how shocked and pleased i was... wow. i couldnt quite grasp the whole "two socks at once" thing myself, but i wanted to start the Adam socks today cause Rogue was getting too big to be a train project any more... so i used magic loop, but i'm doing 1-needle-1-sock, just alternating which one i work on every now and then. however... i'm really getting into the hang of this sock thing, and these are only the second pair i've ever made! so, with the help of my new supplies, i promise there will be MANY more to come.

i'm very proud of the progress i made in only ONE day on these socks...

rogue's too big to carry, so i wanted a small project to throw in my backpack for the long train rides to school... my current knitting distraction is my new boy... so i figured, what better way to bust the knitting slump than by making something for him? i'm hoping socks are safe... hah. it's my own toe-up pattern, which may find its way onto my webpage some day. you cant really see, but there's a two-stitch twist up the front on either side. i'll get better pics when they're further along. but, considering my first pair took me three weeks... i think i'm making some great progress :)

speaking of PROGRESS... rogue!!!

i have officially reached the arm hole shaping... and i'm still in love. i think this just may work out after all :) i didnt work on rogue at ALL for about two weeks... i was sort of distracted... see the Adam socks above! but this monday, i decided... this is silly, i've been sitting on row 42 of chart A for weeks! so, in two short days i FINISHED chart A. it took me two and a half months to get to row 42, and two days to complete it... heh. i'll be starting the sleeves as soon as the socks are done, and then back to finishing the shoulders and hood... grafting, sewing, grafting some more, blocking (in no particular order) and then WEARING. ::sigh:: and i've already got a second one planned...

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