March 02, 2004


stuck in the middle with you

My original hope was that a blog would help me keep motivated and organized... in terms of my knitting. while it did at first, i find myself starting to slip off the blog-waggon. i need to make a plan...

i think from here-on in, my plan is to post, bare minimum, once every other day. and there will be photo-updates no less than twice a week. i dont even know if anyone else reads this blog, but i think setting up a schedule will really help me keep moving.

in addition, i'm not allowed to start another damn project until i get SOMETHING off the needles!! i have a rather large collection of needles in all shapes and sizes... and a surprisingly HUGE number of them are already occupied with WIP's. in the mark of a true addict, i started Alice Starmore's St Brigit about a week ago... which is seriously cutting into my rogue-knitting time, but i needed a break from the massive amounts of st st. the first inch or so of that sweater will be in the next photo update... which will be tomorrow!!

i'm in the middle of my great hat project, as well. i know once summer comes, i wont want to TOUCH a hat, let alone work on one for several days. fall is such a busy time of year that i cant count on having time or will then, either. so now, while i'm still in the mood, and still commuting (ohhh the godforsaken LIRR) my goal is to knock out two hats a week and store them away. all hats will be posted either here or on my LJ community (evilgreenfaerie), and any that dont get sold will be put away to be offered again for sale next fall or given as gifts.

in other news, i'm in love with alice starmore and elsbeth lavold. truly, texture knitting is my "thing".

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