April 01, 2004


missing out?

hey kids, am i missing out on something big?

as much as i LOVE my LYS, i have never held one skein of kureyon, lorna's laces, koigu... or colinette. is this weird? i hear so much about these yarns, and what i SEE of them is beautiful (i remember in particular seeing someone's rosedale sweater in an amazing spring-green kureyon colorway) but... well, i've just never seen one in person.

the only places i shop are ace hardware (for my lion brand, and i wish they'd carry microspun...), "the knitting cove" (the aforementioned lys), and green mountain spinnery, when i can manage to haul my ass up to vermont.

i think... if i had a regular income i'd be doing much more internet shopping, and would've experienced a few of these things by now... but i'm reluctant to buy something i've NEVER touched. i'd buy, like... lambs pride, or noro silk garden, or something else i know WELL online.

speaking of buying...
i should NOT be let out of the house alone any more.

debbie bliss, noro iro, lavold silky wool, some lace mohair, a little more naturespun to finish my rogue (the ONLY justifiable purchase), sock wool, some fun "college" yarn for spring/fall hats...

::sigh:: i'd better bust my ass and get done with Rogue soon, cause i'm NOT starting anything new till i finish that!!! there, i've said it in public. if i start anything new before i finish rogue, may you all metaphorically throw stones at me... or something.

20-something rows before the sleeve cap shaping on sleeve one... i can do this!!!

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