April 13, 2004


too many blogs, not enough blogging

i find myself reading the posts of others... getting inspired and distracted... and dissapearing to do some knitting before i remember to update! now THAT isnt the point of a knitting blog, is it?? well... at least i've been knitting. that's a step.

my cat... ATE one of my rogue sleeves. 9 rows from the end of the cap. so... in order to clear the air a bit, and allow my frustration to dissipate, i've put her asside for now. the goal was to have rogue done before the end of classes, but as that's friday... it's not going to happen.

i did, however, start on the honeymoon tank from knitty with debbie bliss cotton angora. sooo fuzzy. everyone wants to touch it. hehe! i think i'm really going to love this one...

and now, because of the glass house blog i'm dying to knit the cover tank for the spring/summer VK. and i think i will!! i have no idea what i'll use yet, but i'll come up with something.

... this is a brief entry today. cause my head hurts. and i want to fondle the honeymoon tank some more!

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