May 13, 2004


bad, bad blogger

you know, i've been reading a lot of other blogs lately, and everyone seems to have knitting-blog friends! i need to get me some of them! but then i realized... i'm a bad, bad blogger. how am i gonna make friends with such infrequent and un-picture-saturated post? so things are about to change here in alice-world ;)

actually, i lied. you'll have to make do ONE more post without pictures, because my brother has my camera for a day or two. but believe me, i have some GREAT stuff to show you. i really ought to update the links on my sidebar, but i'm terrified of how long my WIP list ACTUALLY is.

i've put a lot of the warmer projects on hold for now, such as the st brigid and rogue. well, rogue mostly because my cat ate a sleeve, and... i just havent had the heart to go back to it yet.

however, while i've put down a few projects... i've cast on a million others. currently on needles;
a lacey shawl for my jennie
honeymoon from knitty
the cris-cross-y tank on the cover of VK
a summer sweater of my own design
an infinite number of headbands for my in-between hair (i'm growing out a VERY short cut)

i've also picked up a few old projects too, like an eyelet-rich skirt from the fall VK.

so, with that teaser in place, look for progress pics soon :)

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