May 05, 2004


more secret pal news!

i got another package from my secret pal :) evidently they read my blog here, as i got three skeins of noro kureyon no. 74 (its all pinks, purples, blues and greens. how perfect!!) and four of the cutest stitch markers i've ever seen (and the first ones i have ever, personally, owned), two small and two larger. stitch markers by cheryl. my own surprise to MY secret pal just hit the mail today... hope she gets it soon! hehe.
(no pictures today, as my camera's still recovering from the road trip of this past weekend.)

now, contest time!!

now that i HAVE these three beautiful skeins of kureyon to work with, i dont know what to do with them! i dont need another booga bag, and i'm certainly not making a gift for anyone else out of my secret-pal yarn :) so...

what is the coolest, most original (and still functional) thing i could do with these three skeins?

i will choose the winner based on what i actually DO with the yarn, whoevers suggestion i choose will be the a-number-one grand prize winner. (a prize that is yet to be determined, but i'll figure it out soon, i promise.) deadline: may 18th. two weeks from today, if i'm correct.

i also reserve the right to choose runners-up, if there are any ideas that i definatly DO want to use at some point, but just not yet. there may be up to 3 of these.

entries may be submitted to me via email, at brokedown_tiger at
if your idea involves using a specific pattern, a link to the pattern or even the pattern in the body of the email would be greatly appreciated. and keep in mind, i consider myself an upper-moderate knitter, i can do pretty much anything but entrelac (but willing to learn) and fair isle (GROAN... some day...), so, the possibilities are almost endless!

may the best thinker win!

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