May 28, 2004


new toys!

so, i got another gift from my secret pal today, what a LOVELY surprise! very... VERY coincidental though.

i went to the body shop last week with my mom, and i was fondling all the body butters. ohhh i love them. i had gotten the olive one as a gift in april, and my mom bought me the papaya as a gift. i was also playing with all of the mini-massage toys up at the register... sooo cute.

so, i open my envelope today, and the first thing that falls out is... two mini-massage toys! the cute little nubbly ones that fit on your fingers. aww. after that, i see a mini soy body butter. ohhhh yeah, way to make ME smile :) someone's been reading my thoughts.

last, but not least, is the best most beautiful skein of tibet recycled silk yarn. it's... soft, and shiny, and green and pink and purple. yeah, i LOVE it. only thing is, i cant figure out what sort of pattern would do justice to such a cute little thing! hmm... any ideas?

ok, boyfriend whining. me typing too much :) off for italian ices and movies!!

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