September 24, 2004


i'm a BAD BAD BAD knitter.

ok actually, lately i've been a very GOOD knitter, busting out projects like crazy. but i suppose what i mean is i've been a bad BLOGGER.

in the last two-three weeks, i've finished four, count 'em, FOUR projects! and i'm a notorious wip-starter. i mean, i'm HORRIBLE. the best part though, one of the projects i finished is my first completed sweater ever. i have a million others ALMOST there, a rogue in pieces, etc. but now, i have my Rowan Reveal sweater, in rose-pink debbie bliss cashmerino superchunky. and i wear it ALL the time.

i also have a lovely scarf made of one skein of recycled-sari silk, fingerless-gloves made from a green mountain spinnery pattern and cotton yarn from them too. aaaand... another scarf for a friend of lion brand wool-ease. i feel so acomplished :)

i realized recently, though, my stash is out of control! i moved in july, and while boxing/bagging up all of my yarn, my mother and i kind of looked at eachother... and there was a LOT of eye-rolling going on. she made me promise i wouldnt buy any more yarn until i had completed at least 5 projects. one more and i'm good to go!

however, i think i might try to get in on this RAOK project so many people seem to be talking about... i could REALLY enjoy sharing some of these random yarns and knitting accessories i have hanging around here. and sending silly cards i make out of snippings!

oh that brings me to a question. does anyone else out there save the cuttings from their projects? like, after weaving in two or three inches of the ends, and snipping it... well, i've now started making greeting cards using all of those little cuttings. and it's SO much fun! i whole-heartedly endorse using your yarns in such a way. or, if you dont want to, send them to me! and i'll make good use of them :)

oh and... sorry there's no pics yet. i plan on doing a LARGE photo-shoot when i have another 2 or 3 projects down. dial-up + evil computer = i'm not messing with photos until i have a bunch to show.

How do you make cards out of snippings? Intensely curious here... Welcome to FiberRAOK! --Kae
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