October 28, 2004


a cry for help?

i tried this on the RAOK mailing list, and unfortunatly (but not unexpectedly) i've gotten no response so far. so i figure i'll give it one last shot, and blog about it...

i started a shawl for my aunt, who has been the best possible thing for me through all this... well, read down, you'll see what i mean. she likes bright and bold colors, and funky patterns so i thought it would be REALLY neat to make her a falling leaves shawl... but out of noro iro. so far, it's coming out really beautiful, these big, chunky orange green and pink leaves! however... i've already used up one skein, and when i went searching for the other THREE i thought i had... turns out they were in the ONE bag that got destroyed when moving.

there was one, poor, garbage bag that got dropped, and ripped, in a puddle on the driveway. somehow, it got placed next to the heater when we came inside. my insanely hyperactive heater. i think the fact that water got in, combined with the rapid temperature changes, etc... FELTED!!! some of my yarn, while still in skein form. i these three felted blobs of noro iro... (this is the part where a single tear runs down my face... ::sniff::!)

so my plea, to all of you out there, does ANYONE have ANY skeins of noro iro, color 26? it's rather vivid colors, youd KNOW if you had it. i believe my dye lot is F, but at this point i dont really care, with such a variegated yarn, any lot would work.

i cant afford to pay you for it, unfortunatly. however, i'm more than willing to trade something from my rather substantial stash. or books. or, if you're local... a massage?

What a sad story! I recently made a shawl of Iro, too, and it turned out so nicely ...

I sell Noro on eBay (helps me to afford my own yarn addiction) and I'll be getting some in tomorrow ... I'll definitely let you know if I get color #26 in, but I actually don't think that was on my list. Let me know if you'd be interested in very discounted Iro in other colors. You might want to go to wendyknits.net to see the kittybed list; I wonder if this yarn is usable enough to use for the kittybeds that people are making, and if maybe someone there would want to trade you.

Good luck!
Hi! I checked the yarn stores here but they don't even stock Noro. I am sorry. Good Luck!
Oops, I meant to say they don't stock Iro. We do get Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden, but not Iro.
I'll check at my LYS to see if they carry this yarn hopefully over the weekend and let you know if they have it.
I wish I had the yarn for you, but I don't. I hope you find it!

I also wish that I has it for you I do not think that I have that color but I will ck when I get home to see. Good luck with the search!!

I don't have any Noro, and out of my three LYS only one stocks Noro (blasphemy, I say!)... but she doesn't have Iro, only Kureyon and sometimes Silk Garden. She's not very good at keeping Noro in stock. I'm so sorry, if I had it, I'd send it to you in a heartbeat! --Kae, FiberRAOK
The only place I could find this yarn was on ebay:


I don't think that will help you too much though - sorry!
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