October 06, 2004


hating, not hating, and wanting to eat

at first, i hated butterfly. silly angles, to much, too much. i really couldnt understand why anyone would want to wear it. but then, one by one, people started posting all these BEAUTIFUL pictures of finished butterfly babes. and now, i want one. i even know what colorway i'll do it in (shh its a secret). but i need the book it's in.

same thing happened with klaralund. now i want one.

but first i need the books they're both in, and my lys doesnt have them, and they dont know when they'll be getting them! ugh.

oh, and, in further evil news, people keep posting finished products from rowan 36, and i havent even gotten off my butt to buy THAT yet either. ok so i cant afford it at the moment... but, ::shakes fist at sky:: SOME DAY!

wanting to eat:
does anyone have a really good recipe for spaghetti squash? hopefully involving garlic? it's about this time of year that i start craving squash. but only spaghetti squash. and i ALWAYS crave garlic.

i <3 ani difranco. i'm going to go scream along with her in the car while i drive to work :)

Check http://www.recipezaar.com for recipes. I love it, but hate that they decided to start charging. BOO!
I have a great recipe for spaghetti squash - and yes it does use garlic! It baked in the oven with tomato sauce,cheese, chicken (you can sub tofu prod for meat) - If you want the recipe - email me at miracole@yahoo.com

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