October 07, 2004


i <3 you

for ages, i kept this blog just for myself. i didnt post often, but that was fine because there was no one to really notice. then... along came the RAOK program! kae and steph were kind enough to raise the cap, and i was able to sneak in ;) so now i'm part of this wonderful community of knitters who do wonderful things for eachother, and all of a sudden there are people reading, and COMMENTING! on my blog.

so that leads me to today's question.

what is the proper etiquite for replying to comments? is it more proper to reply in the comments, and hope said person returns, and reads your reply? or is it proper to email them separately and reply to them there? or is it more the "thing to do" to reply to them in the next post you make, as wendy sometimes does?

oh, and either late thursday night or early friday morning a weekend contest will be posted. for the month of october, i'll be giving away fun things in either a random-drawing format, or some kind of trivia deal. i'll figure it out. but anyway, there'll be contests every friday, and winners every monday (as long as i remember to keep this up).

I either post my replies on my blog, or email them... since I use blogger, and I *do* allow anonymous comments (half the fiberRAOK ring doesn't have blogger at least, and none of them would be able to say anything on my blog if I checked no anonymous comments). Either way is good. --Kae
i hadnt even realized i had my comments limited, until you said so! hah. look at that. it's all fixed now, thanks much :)
I'm LOL at myself...why does she less than 3 me? Less than how many, really? It seems like a positive, friendly statement, but then, would more than three be hostile and misanthropic? Uh, huh, it's a HEART! LMBO. Grin. Cute.

So, as for your question, I'm glad you asked, because I don't know the answer. I usually reply in comments unless it's something that is of more general interest in my blog as a whole (which is kind of an odd concept, since, like you, I'm generally stunned that anyone wants to read my blog). But maybe I'll start responding in posts instead. I think it certainly increases the likelihood that someone will see it!

Anyway, thanks for the giggle. I more than three a nice laugh around bedtime!
Ack! It really must be bedtime...I meant that I LESS than three it. OMG, I've gone completely crazy....
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