October 05, 2004


i want to be a spinner!

i'm thinking more and more about trying to find a way to get my butt to the Rheinbeck shindig going on soon.

funny story. my parents basically dragged me to the Rheinbeck air show a few weeks ago. it was, seriously, incredibly cheesy. but it was ALL worth it for the crazy stunts the "farmer" pulls at the end. his son even did a fly-by on his way home from a show in Rochester, how neat! so after the show we all head into town, and pass the county fairgrounds, where a hotrod and custom car show was just getting out (mmm prettttty...). we hit a lovely little restaurant in town, and while waiting for our table-for-7 to be ready, i spot a county fairgrounds schedule...

Dutchess County Sheep and Wool catches my eye...

and right then our table was called. so other than the fact that it exists, and i havent missed it yet, i know NOTHING about this. but i'm now determined to find a way to go! haha.

but... lets bring this back to the subject bar now. sheep and wool festivals are all well and good for knitters to show off their stuff. unfortunatly the only MAJOR knitted-garment i have to show off is my rowan 'reveal' sweater, which frankly isnt that impressive due to the fact that in finishing it, i pretty much finished it OFF (ug). silly YarnHarlots and their "new aran sweaters". i wont even have audrey done by then!

and i've gone and side-tracked again. my POINT was... i've always wanted to learn to spin, ply, dye, and then KNIT with my own start-to-finish yarns. and i think a sheep and wool festival is THE perfect place to kindle a new obsession, dontcha?

I warn you... spinning is *evil*... once you start, it's another addiction and before you know it, fiber will be bustin' out your closets, spilling down the hallway, and taking over the world! bwahahahaha! -- Kae
I am right there with Kae. I learned to spin at Cummington this year. I did go 3 years back as well, but resisted the lure back then. My motto: like I need more yarn? Still true, but now I can't help myself. Get Sheila Bosworth of Bosworth Spindles to teach you to handspindle. She had me off and running in about 5 minutes and it was all over after that. Spinning is definitely a big hole for more fiber-related money to leak from, but it's a very fun, very cool, very *therapeutic* hobby, and having just finished my first handspun (child) sweater, it's awful cool! Enjoy, and maybe I'll see you if I make it there.
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