October 07, 2004


more on comments

i only realized this morning that... my new template included comments, which my old one hadnt. however, the default setting was that only blogger members could comment, and now i've finally righted that. all you readers out there who dont have blogger, you can now feel free to comment toyour hearts content! just, leave me an email address, or webpage, or something :)

in terms of knitting, guess what! you're going to get a photo post tonight :) in fact, TWO. there will be one that you'll want to be sitting down for... i've got pics of all of my stash. and it's EATING my apartment. the second post will be a bit easier, i'm going to post pics of the WIP's i'm actually making progress on (there are many more hidden in the stash piles).

the reason for the delay? well, i found my cable last night, and uploaded like 100 pics that have been languishing on my camera... however i dont have any photo editing software to resize and clean up these suckers. so hopefully i'll be able to take care of that later.

and remember everyone, tomorrow's contest day! i'll even let you in on what the prize is, now.

1-S. Charles Collezione, spring/summer collection 2003 (think warm thoughts in cold weather, right?) full of hot tank tops, shells, and t-shirts.

2-one ball of novelty yarn, make and model as yet to be determined.

see you later tonight, with info on how to win!

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