October 30, 2004



all of you who are helping me on my search for Noro Iro c. 26, thank you SO MUCH. you have no idea how much i appreciate this. for some reason, long island just isnt a big knitting-type-place. all of the lys's around here are either of the craft-store-carrying-lion-brand variety, or... they carry kureyon, silk garden, and other various high-price goods packed into a closet-sized space. i wish i had a WEBS, or a threadbear, or a knit happens... but alas, i dont!

i've started an identical shawl in another color of iro i had around. this one's all browns, not NEARLY as exciting as the pink/orange/green/purple color changes of c.26... but i'll get by for now. if i dont find the 26, i'll give this one to my aunt. if i DO, i get to keep this one for myself :)

so here's to hoping i (we?) find the 26! hehe.

I check today and found out that they don't have this yarn. :( Sorry. Also I was wondering if you had mailed out the contest prize yet as I have not seen it in the mail and was just curious. No hurry if you haven't had the time, I just haven't heard from you as of now.
I'm guessing you are still looking for Iro. I'm headed to my LYS today or tommorow and they stock EVERYTHING under the sun. I know they have Iro-the colors are of course the variable.

Let me know if you are still looking and what you'd like to trade. I'll be happy to pick it up for you.

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