October 13, 2004


not to bring you down...

but i'm miserable. in like a thousand ways. but i'll just name the two most prominent.

a. i'm sick. like everything aches, coughing, cant breathe, even my eyes hurt kind of sick. i thought it was just a cold until today, when my body decided otherwise. and as if to add insult to injury, i have my period too. that... blows.

b. i'm lonely. i'm not made for being single. i want to love someone, and be loved. i want to take care of someone, and be taken care of when i'm feeling down. i want someone to be excited for me when i get a new job, someone to make me tea and watch a movie with me when my day just sucks... i'm a whole person, and i love me as i am. but i'm made to have another by my side. i hate being lonely.

how does this relate to knitting? i dont know, i dont care. i am NOT knitting tonight. friends dont let friends knit nyquil'd.

oh, and i wont be able to make it to Rhinebeck... quel dissapointment, when it seems like EVERY other knit-blogger in the universe is going. take pictures for me, kay? ::sniff::

**Hugs** I second your comment... I really hate being lonely myself. I love me, but it's nice to love someone else too. Plus, you can make silly jokes and act stupid while nyquil'd and they think that you're funny.

I hope you get to feeling better VERY soon. Oh, and I won't be going to Rhinebeck either. Maybe those of us not going should plan something virtual instead? Oh I don't know what, but I bet it would make us feel a little better about not being able to go... --Kae
(((Feel Better!)))

And that's three of us not going! Maybe our own little virtual S&B pity party? I'll bring the chocolate :)
Oh Dear, you sound awful. Throw some rum into that Nyquil. Being too sick to knit is, well, sick. I hope you get better soon. A cyber party for non-Rhinbeckers sounds promising. If we have one, do you promise to get better for it?
You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. I can appreciate how you feel about being single; I was a single gal in Manhattan, and that show made it look far more appealing that it actually was.
aww, i hope you feel better!!!
I'm SOOOOO sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. Here's a hug for you... (((((HUG)))))! I hope you feel better, I know how it feels to hate being single too. I think some of us are just not made for it. Take strength in your friends and family though, single does not last forever. It's a fleeting sickness *smile* Just like your cold.
That stinks that you feel sick-I hope you feel much better soon! Katie J. and I are so excited that you want to join the Bear-Along. I've never heard of a Noro pattern for a teddy bear-I can't wait to see it! Best of luck and feel better soon!
Look forwar to hearing from you!
-Katie O.
I hope you're feeling better by now!
Just happened upon your blog, and my roommate and I were having a conversation last night that was item b almost word-for-word. Just wanted to let you know that there are another couple of knitters out that share your frustrations!
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