October 08, 2004


pray for me!

next thursday, i have my first... REAL life, applies-to-the-degree-i-paid-for job interview. pardon my french, but HOLY SHIT.

i mean, i can so totaly do this, i've done job interviews a thousand times before (ok so 4). but this time it's not just a "job", i'm trying to get hired in my chosen field. so i take this much more personally...!

a little backround. last may i graduated from the Swedish Institute with a massage therapy associate degree. in august i took the licensing exam. it's now... OCTOBER and i still havent heard back about my license. but i decided enough is enough. i cant stand my current job any more (mental healthcare, the clients are great, the red tape blows) and the few friends i DID enjoy working with have all recently moved onto other jobs. so it's my turn! i can be interviewed and trained without my license, and then i can either work as a receptionist, or "delay my start date" until i do finally get my results.

how does this apply to knitting, you say? how INDEED.

when i stress-knit, i knit like CRAZY. so expect, like 5 finished objects between now and next thursday... heh.

ACK! i'm not ready to be grown-up. since when do *i* have to be respectable and responsible? i didnt sign off on that memo.

Good luck!
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