October 23, 2004


thank you's are in order

i was getting SO much better about posting more regularly for a while there. and with actual knitting content, too! but this last week, life's just run off without me, and i'm still trying desperatly to catch up. so a few quick updates.

a. being lonely still sucks, but my friends are all trying to hook me up with people. its kinda cute, heh.
b. my apartment is finally starting to look like some place i LIVE, not just where i sleep amongst a mess of boxes!
c. my mom's the best, and i love that i'm finally able to count on her as a FRIEND, too.
d. i start my NEW JOB tomorrow!! only a 2 hour shift, but it's sort of a 'warm-up'. i'll let you know more about the position monday, after my first 'real' shift. i have my first real-life job!!
e. money sucks, and so does my 'current' job for not paying me what they're supposed to. i'm out of there.
f. i'm currently making two of glampyre's boob-holders (actually mini-sweater, and sorry i'm too tired to look up the link right now...), one in noro kochoran and the other in red heart. what a world of difference! hehe
g. insomnia sucks. but i'm getting a LOT of knitting done these days. i may even have a FO to share one of these days!!
h. i am FINALLY starting to feel better... i dont get sick often, but when i do it hits me like a loaded dump-truck. then backs up and hits me again. i should buy stock in nyquil, my savior.

now in terms of thank you's. i've had a LOT of support in comments over the past week or so, regarding being sick, lonely, and nervous about job hunting. it means so much to me that people took time out of their day to jot me a note. again, it's... almost 4am, and i only slept a few hours last night, so i'm not in top form right now, but here's a few quick individualized thank you's.
Mrs. R, Danielle, and Jennifer (no link) thanks SO much for the job well-wishing. it's nice to have it over and done, and HAVE a job now, but it was quite the... interesting process. i got offers from two of the three places i interviewed, and turned down the third before they could even offer (it felt like a bad fit from the start), so in the end i frankly feel pretty good about myself, and this whole deal. though i dont want to do it again.
Kae, Kim and Mrs R again... if i had been feeling better at the time i would've most DEFINATLY taken you up on your offers of the online Rhinebeck-non-attendees. i hope you guys got to have some fun last weekend!
Kae, Delia, Gina, stacey and Ambriel (couldnt find your blog because i cant view your blogger profile), the single thing isnt getting any easier yet, but it IS nice knowing there are others out there... i just have to keep going, right?
and last but not least, Kae, Mrs R, Gina, Ambriel, Stacey, Katie O, Bethany and Delia, thank you ALL for your 'feel better' wishes. i have a long medical history, and i dont need to bore you with it, but suffice to say when you have bronchitis AND a strep infection, AND you cant afford much more than nyquil, tea tree oil and garlic to treat it due to my health insurance taking its sweet time kicking in... well, its just never good. and due to a particularly horrible bout with Mono about 2 years ago, i get sicker faster, and for a longer period of time than i used to, and my glands basically go "F*** this, we're swelling!"

adding insult to injury, this terrible, horrible, no good very bad illness combo struck me... the week of interviews, AND right when i was cycling into lonely again (from strong single girl. that phase never lasts too long). so i just kind of... cut my losses and holed up in my room with my knitting and my DVD collection for as much time as possible in the past week.

oh but the point, right... the point. the POINT is... your well-wishing meant SO much to me, and put a smile on my face when i hadnt smiled in a little while. i've been RAOK'd hardcore by the lovely people that read my blog, i cant tell you all enough how much i appreciate you.

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