October 04, 2004


web help and some personal stuff

check out my new lay-out, i totaly dig it :) the whole olive-drab look just WASNT doing it for me, i needed a make-over.

however, that means that i lost ALL of the customizations i had made, and had to re-learn where to mess with things on this new one. i'm very much NOT a code-writing kind of person, so you can imagine how much fun that is.

basically, the reason i mention all of this is... well, if you would please direct your attention to my left-hand side bar. all of my web ring links look all WONKY. and, i'd love to figure out a way to make that side bar just a little bit narrower, too. if anyone here has the expertise to help me out i would be PROFOUNDLY grateful.

now, onto the personal stuff. i tend to keep my personal life and knitting life separate, that's why i have a livejournal, where i post all of my whiny problems. however, i forgot that... my personal life SO drastically effects my knitting life!

i was knitting socks for the boy, and had decided to rip them out after we broke up... but i realized, these are quite possibly the most perfect socks i've done so far. and that would be wasteful! so what i'll now be doing is ripping them down just a BIT, and giving them to my daddy for christmas. they're perfect for him :)

i also knit faster or slower based on emotions. and... in the past few weeks i have become a MARATHON knitter. it's still not quite real to me that we've broken up (said sock-boy), and i miss him constantly (see the LJ for more on that) but... if i keep my hands busy, it makes everything just a little bit easier.

so here's to winter weather, and the knitting of warm things!

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