November 21, 2004


ain't it funny

i find the ebb and flow of the blogging world quite amusing. it seems MANY of you folk are in a blogging-at-work, or at least, blogging-after-work pattern, because on week nights i generally come home to at LEAST 30 or 40 entries on my bloglines page. however on weekENDS, when i have all the time in the world to catch up, i come home to MAYBE 15-20 entries. i suppose that's because everyone else is out living their lives and having a great time, good for you! heh.

by the way, this entry is brought to you courtesy of mamacate, who reminded me that i havent told you all how my JOB is going!!

it's going... slow. i've been warned by other massage therapists that it takes a while to build up a practice, so i shouldn't be surprised that i'm not getting as much work per week as i'd like. but on careful analysis i realize though it may be slow, it IS steadily increasing. and i have regular clients now, at least three people who have specifically requested me!! that... is truly a wonderful feeling. and i'm told that the call-in's and business in general tends to increase around the holiday times, so it looks like it'll only get better from here. whoo!

in the knitting front, i've been knitting FURIOUSLY in preparation for christmas. little kid hats, bigger kid bags and scarves, one baby sweater, and many many projects out of scarf style for the grown-ups on my list. can i do it? only time will tell...

Thanks for the update! I've been thinking about you and hoping it was going well. And wow, congrats on already building up a following--that's amazing. Won't be long until you're turning them away, grin.

What an incredible list. I'm impressed. Everything seems to be going veeerrry slooowwwly around here. I hope we can see pics soon!

Hugs, Cate
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