November 10, 2004


apricot obsession

Has anyone that reads this silly thing done the Apricot sweater from rebecca 27? i know... it's totaly wrong for my body type. i KNOW i shouldnt spend $. but holy hell, i just cant stop myself. the more people i see finishing it, the more i get to be like a jealous lover.

(ike turner voice) hey baby, why you doin' that to me? flauntin' it in my face, that you're with all these other girls, when you SHOULD be with me...

so there was a point to this, i swear. i'm requestin' and askin' favors left and right, but... i LOVE you guys! ::sniff:: and you KNOW i'd do the same for you.

a. does anyone have a copy of rebecca 27 that i could perhaps, borrow for the durration of the project, and then send back? see, thats not copywrite infringement! i'd just rather not spend the $ on that if i dont HAVE to. cant hurt to ask, right?

b. anyone who's made this sweater, are there any decent substitutions for GGH java? i KNOW its not a rediculously pricey yarn, but i'd prefer to go as cheap... as possible. without cheapening the sweater by making it out of crap. would this cheap-o Elann Highland Wool that everyone's raving about work for this project? cause then i could TOTALY afford it!

c. could someone who has the pattern tell me how many balls of GGH i'd need, so i can figure out the yardage, etc?

and, i know i've been promising this for EVER, but if i get my butt in gear today and get my regular work DONE, i should be able to post pictures of all my WIP's later tonight!! i'm also going to start some side-blogs, which you'll see appearing on my side-bar soon. you'll understand when the time comes... ::evil laugh::

I haven't made the sweater. Haven't even seen it actually. Can't answer any of your questions at all. Some help I am, huh?

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