November 03, 2004


can i call in "my country elected a dumb-ass and they're gonna do it again so i feel sick" today?

i've tried to keep it to knitting. i've let in little bits of my personal life when those bits RELATE to my knitting life. i've tried to keep the political out. but i just cant.

how. is. this. happening.

but seriously, from what i see, we knit-bloggers are pretty uniformly kerry-oriented. out of ALL of my friends and acquaintences, i know one person who voted bush. i understand the heartland is where his votes are all coming from... but seriously, what are those people thinking? they dont see their money being flushed? their sons, boyfriends, brothers, cousins, being killed?

seriously, i dont get it. canada's looking better and better.

(a knitting post later, after i have a smoke and some food and cool off.)

I have to agree with you, but, just remember, all the votes haven't been counted yet, Ohio could still go to Kerry. Their secretary of state says they won't be done for about eleven days. I'm from a red state, MO, and people here vote on values. Bush talks a lot about church, abortion and homosexuals, and that is what they vote on. They just ignore the fact that our economy sucks, the war is a diaster, and everything is a mess.

Marlana from
*sigh* (I love your post, but I don't have much energy left. They've sucked it right out of me.) Thanks for the lifeline advice. Today, more than ever, I think I should use it. Also, not to flaunt or anything, but I live only 10 miles from the Canadian border. Think they'd notice if I slipped through? I'm. just. KIDDING, F*B*I!! ;-) -- Norma (
I hear you! I am trying to take comfort in knowing that I did the right thing--I voted for Kerry. Were these Bush supporters asleep for the past 4 years?? BTW, I am surrounded by Republicans where I live here in SC/GA. I'm one of the few but proud Dems in the area.
I am so with you. And, like Norma, I'm considering moving to Canada. (I grew up 10 miles from the border, I'm practically an honorary Canadian anyway, right?) Any of you Canadian bloggers want to take us in?
What a depressing day.
I completely agree. That's all I'm going to say. At least MI went to Kerry (where I live).
You. Are. All. Absolutely. Welcome. Here.!!
The majority of my fellow Canadians and I prefer Kerry. Well, actually, its more like we prefer anyone but Bush. Sigh.
I awoke with a violent headache this morning and just knew it was going to be bad. This country's continuing shift to the right scares me badly.
Come on up to Canada. Although, some of feel that we are too close in this country to Pres. Dumbass that we are considering moving to Australia or the UK...
I voted for anybody but Bush. Anybody but Bush? There’s a group of people who will take anybody. They’re called prostitutes.

And then they lost anyway. I let these people pimp me out and they lost anyway.

Not again. If they can’t come up with someone who is worth my vote, I’ll vote my conscience. I’ll find a Nader or a David Cobb or a Michael Badnarik to support. Mind you, I’m a tad cynical after watching the national leadership of the Democratic Party walk meekly away from Florida in 2000 and fall in line with the systematic degradation of our Civil Rights after 9/11/01 and and and…

I think that if Kerry had won, tens of thousands of people on the Left would have sighed in relief and gone back home. And it would have continued. Business as usual (Nice car you got there sugar. What you looking for? A little Greek? Some French? Iraqi? What’s that? You want me to dress like a soldier? Oh sure sure. I got what you want baby.)

Now I’m off the streeet and in people’s homes, meeting with friends, coworkers, neighbors. I’m helping people who have never been politically active in their adult lives get educated and organized. When someone says to me “Yeah, but what can we do….” I have actual suggestions. Someone said to me recently “I was just sitting there in despair until you started talking about organizing.” I still smile (but don’t blush, we ex prostitutes don’t do that) when I think of such an honor. Far better than keeping company with people who only say to me, “How much?”
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