November 21, 2004


christmas knitting

IF i were absolutely insane, and knit presents for everyone i would LIKE to give hand-knit gifts to, this would be what my list would look like. i'll be updating it throughout the next few weeks, HOPEFULLY checking at least a few items off of there.

recipient - pattern/source - yarn
mom - clapotis/knitty - mystery ebay cotton chenille, cream
dad - irish hiking scarf - tahki donegal tweed, brown
pat(brother) - multidirectional scarf - brown noro kureyon or silk garden
brendan(brother) -
jen(aunt) - ruffles/scarf style - ?
dave(uncle) - forbes forest/scarf style - ?
vivian(cousin) - ruffles - red heart, lilac
lucy(cousin) -
jen(cousin) -
jason(cousin's husband) - fingerless gloves
haley(cousin's kid) - mittens - fun fur and red heart
alexa(cousin's kid) - hat & scarf?
nana(grandma) - lace scarf - ?
joy(cousin) - bunny/quick knits - ?
joey(her bf) - team wrist warmers(devils & river rats) - ?
sean(uncle) -
amy(aunt) -
charlie(cousin) -
theo(cousin) - sweater - lion brand
eileen(aunt) - scarf - fun fur & wool-ease
george(uncle) - fisherman's hat - wool-ease
james(cousin) -
erin(cousin's fiance) -
nora(aunt) -

alf - mini sweater/glampyre - red heart red w/black intarsia skull
mikki -
danny -
jim -
sarah -
jennie -
tanita - minisweater/glampyre -
teejay -
maia -
farrah -
tom - cable scarf
sheep - skull wrist-warmer
jan - skull wrist-warmer
cruse - scrap-scarf
kevin(the best bartender ever) - fingerless gloves? scarf?

believe me, i KNOW i'm crazy.

Ouch! Coffee coming through your nose HURTS! Thanks for making me smile (but only because my list is only *slightly* shorter and less ambitious than yours.
Wow- you are ambitious! I am only knitting 4 gifts this year and I haven't finished any of them yet.
Good luck with *THE* List! Don't forget to rest your hands every now & then!
Yes, my dear, you are crazy. I think it may be time to create a knitting hotline for crazy Christmas knitters. In fact I could use that myself...

I'm with you -- I have a list that I'm almost embarrassed to post because if I could, I'd knit something for everyone I know! It's insane, but I prefer to think of it as just very generous. :) Don't you think? I think it's just such a nice gesture to make something for someone, and when we love to knit, everyone benefits. Good luck! Jenifer
Hi. what is the pattern for the irish hiking scarf - tahki donegal tweed, brown?

Can you share it. thanks!!!
I am so happy I found your site. It appears we have more in common than knitting! I'll let you know when I complete the "world renound" triple lindee patern!
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