November 29, 2004



can someone PLEASE tell me why some people have a neat little inobtrusive "blogger" bar at the top, and mine is freaking huge and covering my title? i cant handle it any more...

in other news, i'm seriously re-evaluating my xmas list, with reference to the fact that there's like 26 knitting days left. my family is full of wonderful artistic people, and i'm sure almost all of them WOULD enjoy and appreciate a hand-knit garment, so it's not easy to narrow it down using that sort of criteria. but i'm going to have to find SOME way to cut it way back. perhaps i'll just knit gifts for those who will actually be THERE christmas day? that's still 15 people, but i already have 5 of those gifts finished... so it's not THAT bad. hm... this is going to take some SERIOUS consideration.

any suggestions on how to narrow it down, without leaving people feeling excluded?

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