November 17, 2004


it's about time...

this post will get edited frequently, as i work on and hopefully, eventually, complete the list. and soon it will have its own honored place on my side bar! but for now, i give you the first stages of:

100 things about me:
(this may get a little long winded. you've been warned.)
1. (we'll start with the basics) my name is Alice Glass
2. my middle name is NOT 'through the looking' but some may tell you it is
3. i'm 22, though my best friends are 17 and 29. funny, huh?
4. i got my massage therapy license in october
5. my cousin got me my present job
6. which is doubly cool because he works in the same strip and gives me free bagels
7. i'm a carb addict. probably why i need so many free bagels
8. nothing washes a bagel down better than dr. pepper. NOTHING.
9. did i mention i love dr. pepper?
10. i taught myself to knit in september of '03
11. a girl needs SOMETHING to amuse herself with while commuting 4 hours a day, right?
12. i went to Northeastern University in boston. briefly. dont ask
13. hated the school, loved the city, go there every chance i get. if you live in boston, invite me up!
14. also went to community college for a bit. liked it... but wanted more
15. finally, graduated from the Swedish Institute in manhattan! (this is all so totaly out of order, isnt it?)
16. i worked with mentaly retarded adults for 2 years while at community college
17. ...then with mentaly ill adults for 2 years while at the SI
18. while i loved the clients, i'm SO glad to be out of those fields. administration = GAG.
19. my hair has been every color of the rainbow. no, seriously.
20. at the moment i have 14 piercings
21. the most i've ever had is 17
22. i have 3 tattoos, but that wont last long. my cousin joy is a tattoo artist
23. i named my cat, Rowan, before i ever started knitting, and knew about 'the' Rowan. but it's pretty cool.
24. my bestest friend michelle and i like to get dressed up at inapropriate times. expensive heels are a MUST for returning bottles and cans, right?
25. i'll probably hate this whole list and re-do it next time. so enjoy it while you can!

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