November 04, 2004


oh my lucky stars...

here i am, at 4am, making campbels chicken and stars soup, in an attempt to calm my frayed nerves and my poor taco-bell-hating stomach. oh, and yes, i've been up until 4am or later every night for the past two weeks. my body does NOT deal well with stress and loss.

in other news, though, i got a new tattoo today!! ::doing the new-tattoo-dance. yes, of COURSE there's a dance:: it's lovely, and tiny, and... well, exactly what i wanted. though you'll have to wait until tomorrow for pictures, because it's still all icky and raised and red.

wait, what did i just say, pictures?? yes, pictures! my camera is finally agreeing with me, AND i dont have work tomorrow, so i'm going to spend a good chunk of time updating my WIP's, creating a FO gallery (i have FO's to show off! how cool!) and doing all sorts of things i've taken my sweet time in doing.

i'm also going to put up my dry-erase board, and start my running christmas tally. i plan on hanging a callendar in FRONT of the board, so i can keep a list, but without it being in plain sight. oh the things i plan to knit for christmas... i have a feeling i'll be finishing things while my cousins are all unwrapping gifts. again!

in other OTHER news, i've noticed a massive amount of thrumming projects in blogs all over this fine blog world. i've never knit anything thrummed, because frankly i just dont know where to buy roving. we have a very limited yarn supply around here, let alone fancy things like ROVING. hah.

i do, however, have a small bag of lovely green from an ebay purchase. i'd like to use that chunk to create a thrummed headband/ear warmer for my mom. i'm pretty sure i can work out the pattern, but is there anything in particular i should know about how thummed fabric behaves? any tips?

(notice the lack of political comments. at least until after my grandfather's service next friday, i'll just be forgetting about THAT particular stressor. but i'm sure you can figure out where i stand. ::cough:: canada, here i come...)

Just found your blog...surfing around at work :)

Very fun...Your title for election just cracks me up...I too am eyeing Canada.

Just wanted to say "Hi!"
sorry to say that i don't do the new tattoo dance anymore. i do the "darn that freaking itches like heck" dance. good luck on healing yours...

i totally know the icky raised thing. and the bacitracin / neosporin. hope it heals well!
Heya-saw your comments on the thrummed earwarmer. It sounds like an interesting idea, but I have a thought...won't those thrums be sorta uncomfortable flopping around in one's ear? I'm guessing here that you are making a headband contraption that goes (in my case) under my ponytail and over my forehead and is about 3 inches wide.

My thrumming has been postponed until after Christmas, so I've not actually played with the technique...just my $.02 based on what the inside of some of the mittens look like!


Found your Iro today. I've got 3 Skeins, Color 26, Lot I if you want to work out a trade.

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