November 17, 2004


what am i, nuts?

has anyone else noticed that most of my posts are somewhere between the hours of 2 and 4am?
is it really sad when you're still AWAKE when wendy is posting her pre-work 5am entries?

all of this potential knitting time... and i'm sure i'll STILL be cutting it last-minute with the christmas presents.

so i've got new rules! (side note: i'm incredibly lazy. i'd have links to the folks i speak of if i werent so lazy. wendy only gets a link cause her domain's so darn easy! if i speak of you, but have no link... forgive me, it doesnt mean i love you any less!) in reading... someone elses blog earlier this week, they were discussing the fact that... said blogger only had x amount of rows left to go on a fair-isle bag. with the math done, that worked out to x rows a night, and it would be done in 2 weeks.

::palm meets forehead:: why didnt *i* think of that!! but, because i have the brain of tim allen, i have to do it... BIGGER AND BETTER!

my dry-erase board has now turned into christmas central. various days are mapped out for various gifts to be worked on, with target # rows listed, and a progress bar for me to fill in as i go. i've even rigged a spare bit of fabric behind it... so i can cover it up when any of the listed recipients come over!

the interesting thing will be whether or not this all pans out in the long-run, i'll keep you guys posted.

the day after thanksgiving's not too early to put up a christmas tree, right? this is my first year living on my own for the holidays, and i'm kind of anxious to get it started :) and have a place to put all those fantastic gifts as i complete them!!

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