December 30, 2004


february flowers!

i started writing a post a while ago, had computer problems, and saved it to a word file so i could post it later. i'll be damned if i know where i PUT that word-file, though! so some day, you'll get a lovely well-thought-out post. just, a little late for christmas. heh.

i managed to give EVERY MEMBER of my family that was at my house on christmas morning a completed hand-knitted gift. that's a major triumph, if you saw how my progress was going one short week before christmas. i havent finished the extended family yet, but no sweat. i'm invoking the 12-days-of-christmas rule. of course, those 12 days might become 24, but who's counting?

in other news, i've gotten ambitious again. check out FebruaryFlowers! join! it'll be a rockin' good time! it's my first time organizing something like this, and i want it to be fantastic, memorable, successful! so, i'd consider it a major RAOK if you folks would join and play along :)

more later, but i'm off to knit my super-softy JUST FOR ME wrap. yay post-christmas knitting! details later, it's too soft to ignore.

Hi Alice. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving comments. You are now officially "entered" in the drawing, twice. :) February Flowers is appealing...but...sigh...I don't know...maybe...we'll see...NO COMMITTMENTS!! It's a GREAT idea. So even if I don't enter in, I'll suggest it to others. Hope it brings buckets of flowers to everyone's door.
Sharon (Knitknacks)
Hi! Can I join your FebruaryFlowers? It sounds like fun!
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