December 06, 2004


KNITTY! and a contest

first things first, THE NEW KNITTY IS LIVE! it's not linked yet as the homepage but if you follow winter04 it'll take you there.

i'll be polite and wait until later in the day to share my opinions, until at least SOME of you have had a chance to look at it :)

second things second, i've had a brainstorm! i emailed the fiberRAOK ring earlier today looking for the perfect cast off method for my magknits uber sweater 2x2 ribbing. within MOMENTS i got a response, but it came to me that besides seeking the wisdom of others there was no one place to find out what cast on's and off's are apropriate for different projects.


but seriously, i've only been around this knitting world a little over a year. i just plain do not have the knowledge and experience necessary to create such a database. but if all of my lovely knitting friends could put in their 2 cents, we could absolutely tackle this together.

now, the CONTEST PART:
email me at to submit information such as...
what kind of cast on and off should be used for what uses? what other techniques have specific uses? when is one kind of m1 method better than another? when is kitchener better than a 3 needle bind off? when is 3 needle bind off the best bet?
each tip will be counted as an entry, so if you have multiple tips to submit, please number them clearly so i'll know how many to count you for. even if you submit the same tip as someone else, it will still count as an entry.

on december 27th, i will pick THREE winners at random from the entries to send prizes to. i have no idea what the prizes will be yet, but i have three weeks to figure it out and i'm sure i can come up with something good. i picked this date so i wouldnt be time-crunched before christmas to get this done, and so that the winners will have a nice post-christmas surprise.

spread the word, i'll post a link to the location of this COMPENDIUM OF KNOWLEDGE when i've got enough information to make it worthwhile. it will also have a permanent home in my sidebar and anyone is free to link to it on theirs as well once this becomes 'active'.

please, help me make this successful, because in the long run the true goal of this is to make a meaningful and helpful reference page for YOU, the knitters. help me help you!

ugh. didn't realize you'd changed email addresses so i just sent something to brokedown_tiger or whatever is in the r.a.o.k. make sure to check there!
Hi Alice,

That's quite an ambitious endeavor--I applaud you! I know there are a few spots online for knitting knowledge, but it sounds like yours will be well designed (I'm a database designer for a living)! I'll try to talk it up, too, and hopefully your idea will make the blog rounds in no time.

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