January 20, 2005


february flowers... blooming!

bad pun, but i suppose it had to happen some time or another.

the official information has been emailed, the final member list has been posted, the buttons will be voted on tomorrow, and i'll update the pattern links tomorrow... cause it's 7am and i'm darn tired! oy, oy.

oh, life rules. mommy's doing better, the boyfriend's the best, my friend dan from cali's here till feb. 1st (which makes things a bit weird with the boyfriend, but they like eachother and have come to a sort-of understanding, heh), work's good... and i'm getting NO knitting time these days.

once dan goes back to cali, i'll go back to attending the Boy's band practices, and knitting while bopping my head to strange blues... heh. oh poor clapotis, you'll see the end of the tunnel SOME day!!!

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