January 01, 2005


i feel popular!

new years eve = great, like woah
so far 2005's looking like it's going to kick ASS.

oh, and i came home to find an email from Bonne Marie of ChicKnits, asking to join the flower exchange! would i be lying if i said i actually squealed a little? no, no i wouldnt.

expect more later, but my goal for 2005 is to blog at LEAST 3x a week, if not daily. so...


How neat - I never get flowers on Valentine's - so I'm in. :-)

(Found you via RAOK - which seems particularly fitting given the topic, eh?)

Best regards,
I am so excited about the flower exchange - I emailed you!

There are some great flower patterns in Knitted Embellishments. I just knit one up and it is too cute!

Have a great night!
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