January 09, 2005


i refuse to apologize...

for not being around. life has been too damn good to me in the past week for me to feel guilty about ANYTHING.

for those of you in the flower exchange - i'll be updating the page tomorrow night. one week left for enrollment! tell your friends :) http://FebruaryFlowers.blogspot.com

i'll also be updating the links on THIS page soon, too. i'll be adding a februaryflowers link, hopefully with a BUTTON if anyone gets in on the contest... which it seems no one has done. i'll be linking to the journals i ACTUALLY read on the sidebar, seems like a logical way to do it. hah. it'll be a long list, but true. i'll also be adding links and buttons for some knit-alongs i've joined recently but just havent had the time to make it known... sockapalooza, steph's weightloss challenge, etc.

in the not-so-good category, it looks like my mother may be sicker than we originally thought. she's had an infection that she hasnt been able to throw off for weeks, and that's not the way things usually go for her. she has a compromised immune system, but usually she and her doctor are able to come up with ways to defeat things together... i just dont want to see her end up in a hospital. that... wouldn't be easy to deal with.

in the GOOD category. i finally found a knitting group that's near me! ok so it's not exactly NEAR me, but close enough. it's the Stitching Witches, at East Enders. a coffee shop around the corner from my boyfriend's house... so while it's not perfectly local to me, i'm in the area enough anyway that it counts :)

whats that? oh yeah, BOYFRIEND. more on that later. talk about being treated like a QUEEN... i'm never letting this one go. heh.

Nice to hear from you again.We are looking forward FebruaryFlowerSwap and Thanks for all you are doing for us.Send my best wishes to your mother.I hope you get more time to knit .And that boyfriend....I hope you can have a lovely time together.

Ulla in the north of Sweden
Hope your mother is ok.

Boyfriend - do tell! sounds like a keeper!

The knitting group sounds great - I wish there was a group closer to me - all the groups I know are in Manhattan or meet at times I can't.

I am looking forward to the flower exhange - bought yarn and pinback findings to make a bunch (if you need some - I bought a pack of 100, I would be glad to send you some.
Any updates on the Feb. Flower Exchange? I'm excited about it! Glad life is going well for you :)
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