February 03, 2005


the clapper is a discerning lady

so i'm 25 rows away from being DONE with my second clapotis, and i'm already thinking about what i want to make the next one with...

i made my first one narrow and relatively short, as a scarf for my mom. i used some ebay cotton chenille, which was just right for the mama. i wanted something a bit more variegated and lightweight for my own, so i made a second with plymouth Encore. (i'll look up color later when i make an official FO post.) mine is one repeat shy of the 'intended' width, and a little longer. i basically worked until i had just enough left to finish, which was 2 1/2 balls (i used half a ball at christmas time to make a hat).

i still dont feel like i've made 'THE' one yet, though. i'm on a quest for the perfect, moderate-to-affordable yarn to make the perfect clapotis. requirements include a rich green or purple colorway, variegation or self striping a la noro, EITHER laceweight yarn or a lightweight heavier yarn as i want mine to be quite large but not suffocating, soft to the touch as this will be on my neck... and, um, that's about it!

anyone who's reading this, have you made clapotis? what did YOU use, and what did you think of it? my LYS is relatively limited, and i dont mind shopping online but i refuse to do it blind. i'd much rather shop based on reccomendations :)

I knit my Clapotis from the merino worsted at www.handpaintedyarn.com. They also sell a lot on eBay. I had three skeins, and it wasn't quite enough to do the full Clapotis, so I omitted 2 of the straight row repeats. I'm happy with the result, and am also planning a second one. I got some discounted Noro Cash Iroha in heather rose and will probably do Clapotis with that. This one will be narrower than my first one, because I want it to be more of a fashion scarf than the winter-functional scarf my first Clapotis ended up being.

I am also thinking that Southwest Trading Company's bamboo yarn would make a great springy Clapotis...I'm considering this, but must wait until my yarn diet ends toward the end of March.

Good luck in your yarn quest!
I bought some merino/silk from this ebay seller. It's beautiful yarn and my second Clap will be out of it.
ArtYarns Supermerino has a green AND purple colorway that is stunning, and I've seen that several people have knit their Clapotis' out of this yarn. I am making my 3rd pair of socks using it and I love it.

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