February 20, 2005


the ICK.

there's something wrong with me, but... according to all my doctors, there's absolutely nothing wrong with me (other than being an un-healthy lazy person. hah) so i'm christening it the Ick. (non FDA-approved. or, whatever.)

symptoms of the Ick:
my apetite is SHIT. nothing seems appealing. putting cheese on pasta is a crazy day.
i skip meals like nothing, cause i'm just not hungry. then i feel like shit.
i finally eat something... and i feel worse (for a little while anyway).
constant headache.
come-and-go dizzy spells.
weakness... feeling like i cant trust my legs to carry me.
neck muscle spasms (ohhh how i hate my neck).
sleep disturbances. my sleep schedule always sucked, but it's WORSE now. oy.

i feel so bad, because i'm sort of subjecting the boy to me at my worst... i'll get all energetic, and drive out to see him, and hang out at open mic... then crash. and when i crash, i get whiny, and clingy, and needy... all the TOTALY attractive things that would make him want to stay with me, right? but... i must say, the boy's passing with flying colors. he is so insanely good at taking care of me, and making me feel like a million bucks even when i LOOK like the quarter you find on the side of the road. so... i'm sicker than ever, but i'm also more in love than ever. i suppose if i MUST take the bad with the good, i'm fine with that.

so what the hell does all this have to do with my knitting blog? i want your pitty! haha. ok i'm SO lying. a prayer here and there would be much appreciated (if you're into that sort of thing), but pitty you can leave at the door! basically, i'm just trying to come up with some lame reason to justify to myself how much i SUCK at knitting lately. and blogging!

i mean, seriously, the road to becoming a popular blogger is NOT through sparse posts and pitty party-ing. but uh, i can try right? hahaha.

my knitting is... blah. i think it's been infected with the Ick, too. i'm working on banff, which... while i know i'll love WEARING it, the miles of stockinette are killing me. i'm also working on the hourglass sweater... oh whats that? stockinette. a big ol' softee scarf? stockinette. WITH a garter stitch border!! oh, and the softee wrap, as inspired by jenn of Nipper Knits. (i'll put in links later, i'm lazy).


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