February 11, 2005


inspiration strikes!

i've been dealing with the winter duldrums, i've got several projects going on but NONE of them are interesting to me. yeah, i keep working on them, but eh. i worked 4 or 5 rows on each of my traveling projects while hanging out at my boyfriend's practice today... not one of them could keep my attention for more than 10 minutes.

traveling with me:
Softy Wrap
silk garden sweater (my design)
silk garden gloves (a comission)
kureyon hat
cascade 220 hat
plymouth encore hat


while reading bloglines earlier, though, inspiration struck me! check out lisa's hourglass sweater! so, as soon as i finish this post i'll be casting on for my own with cashmerino. what, you say? a boring St st sweater has SOLVED your enui? how odd! how odd indeed :) basically, what i want is something i can work on while out with the boy, hanging out at the coffee shop, or other such outings... without having to consult a chart or count stitches. i want something i can realistically finish in a reasonable amount of time. I WANT SATISFACTION. I WANT A FINISHED OBJECT. so, hourglass it is :)

ps-check out Cate's post about being published... her article is great! nothing to do with knitting, but it's fabulous none the less.

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