February 21, 2005



i nicked this from elisa, even though i wasnt tagged! i'm a rebel :) see, i... NEVER get tagged for these things, cause i'm aparently not really a 'known' blogger (my own fault, of course) so i'll just tag myself for now! so here's my knitting quiz... thing.

Do you knit using the English or Continental Method?

quite honestly, i dont know which is which! i knit like... a knitter who crocheted first. i hold the yarn in my left hand, hooked over my index finger... continental?

How long ago did you learn to knit?

again, i'm a 'twice-taught' person. my grandma taught me YEARS ago, but i wasnt really into it then, and i think i probably knit two rows on the super-fine baby yarn she had for me to work with... and lost interest. for 'real' i learned about a year and a half ago, september of '03.

Who taught you how?

a webpage that, i found out recently, was using pirated images from a readers digest book. so, no linkage for the page, naughty people!!

What was your first FO?

a hat, if i'm correct. made of wool-ease or jiffy or... something lion brand.

Favorite yarn?

anything Noro. i know some people have problems with them, but... despite our ups and downs, noro and i have a pretty strong love affair going on. our relationship is DEEP! oh, and tahki soho tweed, and donegal tweed. i love those two...

Favorite pattern you’ve knit so far?

still no favorite yet... i'm relatively new and still searching for my 'niche'. if forced to choose one, though, i'd have to tap Revealed from rowan (i forget what number) as it was my first completed sweater, and therefor i love it!

Favorite pattern source?

probably a toss-up between knitty and rowan. i like the elegance and romance of rowan, and the fun and practicality (and the sizing!) of knitty.

Favorite needles?

addi wooden circs all the way. i have over $200 worth of them! (i just figured that out recently. it was a bit of a... shall we say, shock.)

Nicest thing you’ve ever knit?

in terms of COST, the reveal sweater. i made it out of debbie bliss cashmerino superchunky. and it's a BIG sweater. (as much as i love it, it's just not practical. it's going to get ripped, re-designed, re-knit, THEN worn constantly as a sweater that actually fits me.)

Most hated project?

the skirt from vogue knitting (the one with darel hannah on the cover i think?). i've started and stopped that bloody thing SO many times. i just want it to be finished... but i cant bear the thought of sitting down and attempting to decipher where in the pattern i left off...

i looooove my addi naturas. i recently did a needle inventory and was embarassed by the number of needles i have, 97% are addis. luckily dh was impressed by my organizational skills and didn't compute how much all of those needles cost!
I have a (pair?) of Addi Naturas and I detest them. The ends keep splitting and I keep filing them down. Maybe I got a bad set? I had trouble coming up with three people to tag for this meme because I can only think of four people who actually read my blog. Maybe more people read it but how would I know? Only four people actually comment on any given day. People may be reading you but if they aren't commenting, you don't know if they're visiting.
I know it doesn't count, but I know you! You're loved, really! And, now that I know you don't mind being tagged, watch out. I never know who to give these things to, because some people have a passionate hatred towards them.

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