March 29, 2005


blogger was hungry

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i had a long post, thanking my sockapalooza buddy for my RADICAL socks and answering questions from tina... but blogger ate it!! so for now, you get a picture of the kitten. i'll come back and edit this post later, proper-like.

oh, and anyone who wants to be questioned by me? last chance!! i'll be posting questions for you lovely folks tomorrow.

That darn blogger! I am glad the socks made it your direction and that you like them. Great kitty photo too.
i commiserate, sister. blogger ate two posts sunday, and then regurgitated them yesterday. what a crazy thing. cute kitty, and i can't wait to see the socks
awwwwwwwwwwww.....cute kitten ;)
silly blogger. we wanna hear about those radical socks!
When I talk about bringing the yarn from underneath, I mean that when you do two-color knitting, one color is always held over the top of the other. Don't twist the yarns, but knit the letters in the color that's held under. If you do a little swatch with two colors it will immediately become clear.

*pops up out of hiding*

I'd love an interview. I'm really liking seeing what questions people come up with.
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