March 05, 2005


nothing clever

first off, thank you Liz, from RAOK. she sent me a flower! a blue-mountain-cards flower. it definatly brightened my day :) aaaand it seems that at least for now, winter has indeed fucked off. i just got back from enjoying my lunch outside in the balmy 40-degree weather!

second, thanks to the FANTASTIC advice of you lovely ladies, i'm making jennie not one but TWO items. first, belle paquita. it came highly recomended from a few of you, and frankly it would look absolutely lovely on her frame. now, i have to decide what COLOR... hah. i'm also going to make her a charlotte shawl. last fall, i was fantastically RAOK'd with the pattern and i have, unfortunatly, yet to try it out. so jennie-bear will be the recipient of my first charlotte! i have a feeling it wont be my last, though.

my other current project in the works is a bit of a laugh, actually. have any of you seen the Life Aquatic? if you have, you'll know what i'm talking about! my boyfriend's band has requested that i make them TEAM ZISSOU HATS!! bright redish-orange ribbed caps in 4 different styles. if you've seen the movie, i'm making the hats worn by Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Willem Dafoe, and... the guy who was playing guitar the whole time. i got 1lb. of red wool off of ebay for $8!! i was affraid it would be too dark, but it's exactly the right color (as compared to movie stills on my computer anyway).

my next post:
thanking all of the lovely people who have RAOK'd me recently. michelle, colette, etc... holy cow, i love you people. have i told you that lately?

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