March 21, 2005


playing along like a good girl...

(real post to appear later tonight or tomorrow, i'm playing the question game!)

Here are the rules for this Blog-a-thon: I'll offer to interview the next how many ever people to respond to this post that will follow these rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions here. They will be different questions than the ones above.
3. You will update YOUR blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
edit: anyone wishing to be interviewed needs to leave a blog address along with their comment! i hate blogger, and unless you give me some information all i get is a no-reply blogger address to write back to you at... and well, no reply... heh. so, anyone who has already asked, or will ask in future to be interviewed... please leave a blog address with your comment!

questions from lisa:
1. How did you get into knitting? Do you know knitters IRL?
see below... i'm cheap, and i was told by the ladies at my LYS that knitting uses less yarn for the same size item... or something like that. so, i taught myself using online tutorials, in one night. by the next night, i was going through increases, decreases, etc. by the end of the first week, i had completed my first FO- a cabled hat.
the only knitters i know IRL are recent acquaintances (i FINALLY found a knitting group, albeit a small one), except for my grandmother. and my grandmother ONLY knits baby-blankets. she's been making the same pattern for the last 25 years, every time a new baby is born in the family.

2. What are your all-time favorite and least favorite projects you've worked on?
favorite: banff and rogue. the patterns are so well writtten! banff, at such a large gague, felt like it just flew along. and rogue, while a smaller gague, was interesting enough that it felt like it was flying as well. now, i havent FINISHED either sweater but... o:)
least favorite: reveal, from rowan. oh, i finished it alright. and i wear it all the time! but... the body's too short, the sleeves are too long, the yarn pilled within the first week, and it's impossible to weave ends in neatly with chunky yarn (or, *i* cant do it anyway).

3. Come on, fess up, you secretly knit with acrylic and don't tell, don't you?
you read me like a book!! i do... just because all of my 'active' projects at the moment are Noro, lets not forget about the stockpile of acrylic WIP's scattered around my room. i made a red heart blanket for my baby cousin's doll recently. and i'm making my first pair of SELF DESIGNED fair isle gloves... with wool-ease.

what i want to know is... how did you KNOW?

4. If you could change places with someone for a week, who would it be and why?
sheer productivity: the yarn harlot!
life i'd like to live: rachael!
place i'd like to live:
but the one and only true answer(dont laugh): my mom. she is a rediculously amazing woman, her strength astounds me every day. she's the main reason i got through these past few weeks... along with the support of you fantastic knitters, of course :)

5. What is your favorite indulgence?
time. time is so precious, and the days are just packed... so nothing feels more decadent than taking an entire day to watch movies, take a bath, knit, eat stuff that's bad for me... and NEVER PUT ON PANTS THE WHOLE DAY.

from rabbitch:
1. When did you first start knitting and why?
september 2003, because i'm cheap. (see above.) also... the more i flipped through pattern books at my LYS it dawned on me that there was really SO much more out there for knitters, and i just prefered the look of knitwear to crochet items. but mostly cause i'm cheap. funny, something i started to SAVE money has resulted in hundreds of dollars of yarn purchases since then. ok my head just spun a little... remind me NEVER to think about the amount of money i spend on yarn again, kay?
2. Do you have a project that has thwarted you at every turn? And if so did you persevere or just send the bastage to the frog pond?
not so much thwarted... but i got 3 sk of noro transitions as a gift, and i've done my DAMNDEST to come up with something to make with it. i've started 7 scarves (and completed 2 of those!), but none were right, so rrriiiiippp. i tried a french loop-type-thing, nope. rrriiiiippp. i've gone through 4 different shrug-type patterns, nope. rrriiippppp. this is mucho expensive yarn, and i love it so! therefor the pattern must be perfect, and show off the rediculous textures perfectly. it's currently sitting in a pile on the floor, every now and then i scowl at it, and perhaps hiss. one thing i'll say for this yarn? it's been knit up and ripped a MILLION times and it still looks fantastic.
3. Have you ever made a typo that was so insanely embarrassing or funny that you've never yet been able to live it down? (Been there.)
when writing an email to someone i had a crush on (this was a business-type email, we were working stage crew on a show together), i told him to wear his blacks the next day, and make sure it's something "you dont lick, cause you'll be sweet in it all day." ok so... it's not THAT terrible. it should've been "like" and "sweating". but i'm still friends with that guy, and every now and then he'll ask me if i've been sweet, or licking my clothes etc... dumb, right?
4. Are you interested in other fiber arts, such as spinning, weaving, etc?
i'm actually leaving in 20 minutes to meet up with some knitting-ladies, and one of them is going to teach me to spin tonight!! quel exciting, right? i used to play with my friend chris's mom's wheel and loom when i was a little kid (now that i know more, i'm AMAZED she let us play on them with such reckless abandon) so i still SORT of know how to do both, but i'd like to get back into it again.
5. Do you like chocolate? If so, milk or dark or nutty or soft centres? You seem to be having a shitty time of late. If you're comfortable doing so, send a snailmail addie and expect a package within the month, as soon as I can get my ass over to my chocolate-pusher's store.
a shitty time, yea THAT'S one way to put it... heh. first of all, dont worry about saying ass. part of why i love reading your blog is because you speak with the same kind of 'voice' i do when writing much of the time. that... balls to the wall, hey this is who i am kind of thing. so fuck modesty ;)
oh, but back to chocolate. yes. i lub chocolate. i'm a very picky girl, though. i have the tastes of a picky 5 year old kid, i dont eat foods that touch, or have more than like 3 ingredients. i prefer my chocolate as just that... chocolate! nice, boring, solid dark chocolate. have you ever had that Lindt 85%cocoa stuff? ONE little square, and i swear i could die.
the ONLY time i'm cool with combo chocolate is in the form of girl scout thin mints. somehow all of my 'dealers' have grown up, so this year i found myself without a hook-up. yeah, it's a dangerous thing.
i'll email you my addy, if you're offering i'd be more than happy to accept. but i hope you dont feel obligated or anything! you knitting-folk have already done more than enough to help me through all this :)

oh ooh ooohhhhh!!! Interview me PLLLEEEZZZEEEEEEEE!!!!
I just want to feel important!! LOL!
I hate blogger too so here you
I wanna play!!!!! OTOH--- Don't call, don't call, don't call. Disconnect the phone if you have to! Calls only lead to more misery!-- Write and burn. Much more productive and you get to say what you want without interuption. My blog is Good luck-- p.s. don't discount the Sex in the City solution-- call a fuck buddy for purely gratitious (sp?) mindless, guiltless, get-over it sex! Bev
Hey, just a note to let you know that your sockapalooza socks are in the mail!
Yes, I'm offering. I'm not one of "you knitbloggers", I'm one of "us knitbloggers". Sorry, hon, you've been assimilated.

Send an addie and I'll ship off some chocolate asap -- just discovered a new handmade chocolate dealer about four blocks from my home ...

Email is
tee hee. I know all. Chocolate is always a good friend.
take your noro and learn to knit Entrelac, I had the same problem with the noro and it is made for Entrelac - after you learn make your own scarf pattern - cause I think all the ones I see out there have too small of squares. Hows that for advice from a far.
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