March 03, 2005


a puzzled girl

first things first, i have big job news. but i'm not able to share it just YET, as nothing's official and i dont want to completely jinx myself. but soon... soon!

in other news, i am in DEEP thought, and it's making my little head hurt.

my darling jennie-bear, the reason i made it out of Northeastern University alive, is in desperate need of a hand-knitted item. except, she doesnt know it yet. heh.

a little backround on my darling: jennie-bear is a phenominal seamstress. she made most of my renaissance faire garb, and is currently a costume design grad student at Illinois State. the last time i saw her was when we drove there, from connecticut, for some apartment hunting last summer.

the reason she needs something knitted NOW? tomorrow is the 4-year aniversary of when she essentially saved my life. long story, i'm not getting into it, but i owe so much to that fantastic girl. and it came to me recently that i have NEVER given her anything hand-knitted. i feel confident that my skills have now reached a level where i wouldnt feel like a fool giving a garter-stitch scarf to a costume designer (oh, and a masterful quilter to boot!). so, now's the time!

only problem? what do you make for an infinatly adorable, massively classy babe like the jennie-bear? she's 5-feet-tall (unless she's wearing her Big Girl boots, hehe), with ass-length amazing strawberry-red hair. translucent skin, just-enough freckles in the summer, and fills out a bodice well (i'm not trying to say she's stacked, she's all over curvy!).

i'd like to make her something that would work well not only in every day life, but could also cross over into ren-faire territory, possibly. she kind of reminds me of that cool older aunt that everyone loves... she's got the air of maturity and age, but still a kick-ass gal. the kind you'd like to hit an art gallery and then a dive bar with all in one night.

ANY ideas?

I have no ideas for you, sorry -- though I'll think about it. I just wanted to say hi, and point out that I hurried over here as soon as I got your comment on my blog, and sure enough, you'd posted! Hurray! (Even though Bloglines hasn't noticed yet)
I have 2 suggestions for you and they are both from the amazing Marnie MacLean:

The 2nd one is going to be the next thing I cast on when I finish Mariah.

Glad to see you back and good luck on the job front! (I am still awaiting the test results)
Sounds like a pretty shawl is in order to me!
I was totally going to suggest bella paquita. I love that sweater. I also thought of my old friend, five-foot-tall Jenna Adorno, who has designed a couple of sweaters for Knitty:
She also has one in SNB Nation (I think it was the second book).

Enjoy! Cate
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