March 04, 2005


short and sweet.

dear winter,

fuck off.

i mean it, i'm through with you. stop calling, give me back my house key, and i DONT want to have lunch with you on my day off.

dear everyone else,

send flowers. before i shoot someone.

(disclaimer: no sending of flowers is necessary... i'm just... in one of THOSE moods, ya know? i've still got the Ick, i havent had time 'alone' with the boyfriend in forever if you get what i mean, all my knitting looks like crap, and i slipped and fell in old snow on my way back to my apartment this morning. my butt's wet. i'm off to a long... hot... shower. oh yes, there WILL be candles involved.)

i know you're having a crappy day but i have to admit your post made me crack up! and totally made my day!!! i hope that winter does get lost!!!! have a great shower! LOL thanks for the laugh! you're the best!
you're too funny. hope you enjoyed a nice long shower, some time alone with your man and are feeling better :o)
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