April 06, 2005


aaaaand... answers!

ok, last set, i swear now!
from my NEW local friend who i'll be meeting tomorrow (so excited!) rebecca,
1. After reading on your blog that you never had a "date", what would be your dream date?? Time, place, activites, what you are wearing...I want to hear everything!
ok if i went true 'dream date' it would involve an irish sunset, and a caribbean sunrise... so we're going to go SLIGHTLY more realistic on this one... heh.
wearing: a white silk honeymoon tank from knitty, my favorite flowered 'flirty' skirt, strappy little shoes, with perfect 'messy' hair.
him: tailored pants, well loved shoes, and just-the-right-shirt (that's different for each guy, of course).
the date: he picks me up in the early afternoon in his classic mustang/rockin' truck/other cool vehicle (just none of that sporty shit, if your stereo can make your 'bling' rattle, um... no), and we drive out to the blue point brewery for one of their beer-tasting events. (wine tasting is more fun in a group anyway. i like me a beer drinkin' man!) then, it's on to greenport. this serves a few purposes. we can talk and get to know eachother (or more likely, share music cause that's what car rides are for) on the ride out, and there's this beautiful restaurant that looks out onto their harbor. it's also a perfect town for walking around after dinner. after that... i dont know! maybe a movie? i dont really have 'experience' with this sort of thing so i'm not sure how it goes, hah. am i supposed to then invite him over for some coffee or something? hehe.
2. As a young mom myself I am wondering why you want to join the ranks of "the young mother"?? Is there anything you think you would miss out on by having kids in your early 20s?
i've never been a party-girl to begin with... the whole doing drugs and experimenting thing just never appealed to me. if anything, i'd miss being able to just go out to the bar with my friends whenever i felt like... but that's definatly something i'd be willing to give up. and from what i've seen with a few friends of mine who have kids, it's not like their LIVES ended... heh. my friend tania has an incredible support network, and her friends take turn babysitting so she and her man can get out on dates, or go bowling every now and then so they dont go crazy.
frankly, i've always been the one taking my cousin's kids from them so they can have an uninterrupted dinner... or dissapearing with my little brother for hours so my mom could have a break. she used to tease that if she wasnt nursing him, she'd NEVER have seen him! he was MY kid ;) when my cousin had her second daughter 2 months early, i moved into her house for almost a month to take care of her, the baby, and her 3 year old so her husband could continue to work and they wouldn't go bankrupt. when my 'friend' lauren (used to be a friend before she went all drug-addict, and dissapeared to live with a guy in a van in boston) needed to go to rehab, i took her 4 month old son for 2 weeks (before his grandparents decided to adopt him, he's a very well loved child). in fact, when she had her second child earlier this year and it became obvious that she wasn't going to clean up any time soon, i came THISCLOSE to adopting her. this is something i've just always sort of felt... sure there are things i'd 'miss', but nothing i couldn't do without. and i want to have a BUNCH of kids, so i've gotta start early! i dont want to be one of those 60 year old moms with middle-school kids, i always felt bad for those kids... hah. is there anything YOU can think of that i'd miss out on by having kids in my early 20's?
3. Do you find you are compatible with people your own age? Do you get along better with people who are older or younger??? WHy do you think that is the case?
frankly, i get along with people who are older AND younger, but almost never those the same age as me. my two best friends are 18 and 29, and i'm 22. even as a little kid, i was the one that grownups loved because i was so well spoken. i've always felt older than i am, and i identify a little bit more with the sort of 'roll your eyes at today's youth' mind-set than the 'party all night' set. mind you, i can party with the best! but... then i have to rest up for like 2 days afterwards, hah. i'm very selective about my younger friends, but they're all of the 'older than their years' sort, old souls if you will. i think the best part of hanging out with kids 18-20 is... you HAVE to find other fun things to do, you cant just cop out and go chill at the bar. so my friend michelle and i will get dressed up and walk around downtown wearing fairy wings, or spend all day trolling thrift stores and pet shops for fun. my 16 year old friend matt and i go swing dancing on tuesday nights with his mom and her boyfriend! so i've sort of got the best of both worlds... just keep me away from those other 22 year olds... hah.
4. Oreos or chips ahoy?? why?
oreos! i'm a twisted girl, i like to twist off the tops, and stack 'em up. if you play your cards right, you can create an OCTUPPLE (sp?) stuffed oreo. just think about it, you know you want to ;)
5. Have you ever met someone on line and forged a solid friendship thats lasts even today?
many people, actually! my ex boyfriend, of four years ago... we met online, dated briefly, broke up BADLY... (ask me in person, it's an interesting story!) but after 3 months of radio silence, we became friendly again... and to this day he's one of my best friends. i'm relatively fearless when it comes to meeting people from the internet in person... i'm always careful about meeting them in safe places, but really... who ISNT online these days? i think it's just about as safe as going out with some guy who picked you up at a bar... play it safe, use your common sense... and it can really pay off! i can list off about 15 people i consider good friends that i originally met online.

boy i really went essay style on some of those questions... hah. frankly, i COULD say much more... maybe that's why i like going to therapy so much, an hour of talking about ME! but i figure, you asked... so you MUST want to know, right? ;)

Thanks Alice! I did want to know!
See you tonight!

Rebecca :o)))
now i've gotta run to the store for some oreos! they were my grandmother's favorite cookie and every year on her birthday I remeber her by indulging myself.
Whew! You've run through a lot of questions here, girlie! Are you up for more, or are you all interviewed out?
hey there chica when are you gonna update this thing??? and if you need help with sp5 I am there for ya baby!!
Alright! Now it's time to update!
hi alice,

i´ve got a question for you:
your name is on alison´s sockapalooza list but i never read a word about it on your blog.
did i miss something?
Hi Alice - Haven't seen you post in a while so I wanted to give you a "shout out". Hope all is well - thinking about ya!
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