October 26, 2005



just in time for halloween... here i am to surprise you with a post! (does anyone still read this thing? seriously, if there was a blog on my list that had been dead this long i would've deleted it LONG ago!)

i'm still not "back" yet... my computer's completely inefectual. but i just wanted to drop a line... keep this thing active for a little longer. i'll be back for good soon, hopefully, with a little help from my LI stitch n bitch friends!

look for a major update soon...

love and kisses.

Wow that's really bizarre, ive had you on my list for ages and checked back every now and then to see if you had reappeared but havent in ages. Randomly i decide to check today and there you are! Hello again, nice to see you back. Hope everything is alright with you!
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